Managed IT Services In Detail

Managed IT in Detail

BIT Incorporated prides itself on being able to offer the absolute highest standards of service available in the industry. With a Managed IT Service Agreement, BIT Incorporated becomes a literal Partner with Customer. Following is a list of services provided – all included in the monthly flat-rate fee.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Your BIT Incorporated CIO will seamlessly become a member of your staff when needed to advise, recommend, and direct the IT issues your BIT Incorporated faces.

  • You as the owner/manager of your business may e-mail our Chief Information Officers to ask their advice regarding your “Technology System”.
  • Periodic on-site meeting with the CIO are included in the Service Agreement Plan.
  • At your request, our CIO’s can physically meet with, or have a teleconference meeting with your management or outside vendors to determine the best way to handle technical decisions (i.e. Corporate Usage Policy, Employee Training, Accounting Systems, CRM Applications, Bar-coding systems, Telephone Service Providers, Telephone Systems, etc.

IT Needs Assessment and Inventory Services

  • The first order of business is to make a thorough inventory of all computer and computer-related equipment and all software owned by Customer, whether it is currently being used or not.
  • After that, BIT Incorporated will get a good understanding of exactly what Customer does and who within Customer is responsible for each function. BIT Incorporated is adept at learning internal business processes and determining what needs to be done to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Finally, BIT Incorporated will assess what Customer has, intends to procure, and what they are trying to accomplish. From this assessment BIT Incorporated will make recommendations to Customer to improve, enhance, and/or better utilize the Technology System in order to benefit Customer overall.

Technology Research and Screening Services

  • BIT Incorporated is constantly researching new and better ways for businesses to do business and receive profit. BIT Incorporated will share its research with Customer so that Customer may make informed decisions to improve it technology use.
  • In addition to BIT Incorporated’s continual research, Customer may request that BIT Incorporated research a particular facet of a technology solution such as a new device, or software application. BIT Incorporated will research this new technology and report by to Customer with its findings.
  • Generally after making such findings, Customer will wish to interact with providers and resellers of such technology. BIT Incorporated will help Customer by being available to perform screening of such providers and resellers. If the provider/reseller proves the importance of a meeting with Customer then BIT Incorporated can arrange such a meeting and attend as well. After the meeting BIT Incorporated is available to debrief with Customer and to give its opinion of the technology and service to be provided. From here Customer can make more informed decisions.

IT Design and Planning Services

  • If Customer does not have a Technology System or is planning a major upgrade to the existing Technology System, BIT Incorporated will plan and design the Technology System or changes to it for Customer. This Technology System may include LANs, WANs, VPNs, and even off site resources in addition to standard hardware and software on site. Advance planning is a major key to being able to end up with a Technology System that is most effective and most efficient. There are several options that may be available, depending on the types of equipment, location(s), and Internet connections.
  • If Customer already has an existing Computer Technology System, BIT Incorporated will determine the best use of the Technology System and make recommendations. Recommendations will pertain to creating the best layout of the Technology System and to incorporate the most efficient use of resources.
  • Planning also includes Server Room layout if available, directory service design, backup procedures, disaster recovery measures, security measures, anti virus measures and passwords to different levels of information, Internet and Intranet concerns, and remote access and VPN capabilities.
  • BIT Incorporated will help Customer through management meetings and the like, plan major upgrades to the Technology System including ERP, CRM solutions etc.

Computer Installation and Upgrade Services

  • If there is an installation or major upgrade to the Technology System and the design and layout has been planned and approved by Customer, BIT Incorporated will at the Customer’s convenience perform the installations and upgrades. In most cases, BIT Incorporated will try to schedule this work during normal business hours however, after-business-hours and weekends are also available at extra charge to Customer.
  • In some cases it may be better judgment by Customer to have a third party install or upgrade a piece of the Technology System. However, BIT Incorporated will be available to oversee and literally watch the third party install or upgrade its piece. After which time BIT Incorporated will generate a report to the Customer on behalf of the Customer to explain the success and/or failure of the operation. BIT Incorporated can help the third party from making mistakes and damaging the Technology System and thus encourages this practice heavily.

Remote Help Desk Services

  • BIT Incorporated provides full time system engineers on staff who have visited the Customer’s site(s) and knows their Technology System well. These engineers are available by telephone, facsimile, and electronic messaging during normal business hours to answer questions from Customer’s employee base.
  • In addition to traditional support, BIT Incorporated will setup the ability to connect to the employee’s Windows™ based system and remotely help/train the employee with their current task, assuming the task falls within the scope of the support agreement.
  • BIT Incorporated reserves the right to notify Customer’s management team that a particular employee may need professional training in the event that the employee is not capable of doing what they have been hired to do using technology.

On Site Technical Support Services

  • BIT Incorporated will assume the responsibilities of making the Technology System as efficient as fiscally possible by the Customer. BIT Incorporated strives to achieve the highest percent of Uptime possible by providing twenty-four hour a day seven days a week support (24 hour support is provided at additional cost).
  • A BIT Incorporated engineer will visit Customer’s Toronto site on a scheduled basis (Every Week). The engineer will be engaged in management meetings, planning sessions, and will perform routine maintenance. In addition, the engineer will perform a walk through to make sure that each and every knowledge worker who uses the Technology System is able to work efficiently. If there are problems they will assess the degree and either perform an onsite fix, have a Remote Support Engineer contact the employee as soon as possible or take measures to resolve the problem themselves by bringing in extra support.

Computer and Network  Monitoring Services

  • BIT Incorporated will monitor the Technology System for such problems as virus infection, internal and external security breaches, low system resources, improper employee usage, system failures etc.
  • If the Technology System fails, is breached or is infected BIT Incorporated will dispatch support elements to try to repair, clean, or shutdown the problem.
  • BIT Incorporated monitors the usage of the Technology System’s capabilities. If the capabilities are getting close to being used at full capacity, BIT Incorporated will make recommendations to Customer.

IT Training Services

  • BIT Incorporated will provide “Field Medic Level” training to Customer’s employees on the industry standard software and hardware that Customer employs in its Technology System.
  • BIT Incorporated will train the computer liaison for Customer how to perform their basic duties such changing and rotating backup media, changing printer toner, etc.
  • BIT Incorporated will train the employee staff of Customer to have a better understanding of Customer’s Technology System acceptable usage policy.
  • BIT Incorporated will train Customer’s employee staff how to better cope with newer technologies that are being inserted into the Technology System such as Internet access, electronic

Local IT Services in remote locations

BIT Incorporated already has number of agreements with IT Suppliers in Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal to provide local support when required.